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Azrek Global helps growth companies across a range of industries find, recruit, and hire top talent in global markets.

Worry-free global recruiting starts here.

Our Promise

Dynamic companies need to fill critical leadership roles in global markets. We provide a bespoke head-hunting service to simplify recruiting and hiring. Clients trust our deep networks and in-market expertise.

Our Global Reach

The Azrek Global team actively recruits across Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific region. Our networks are built around key financial, technology, and services centers to provide rich hiring and career advancement opportunities. We also partner with a leading international employer services firm to handle clients’ hiring, immigration, compliance, payroll, entity setup, and Employer of Record-related issues.

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Why Work with Us

Our business is built on personal relationships and successful placements. This means we treat every role equally–regardless of level, length of partnership, or salary mandate.

Before we begin, we take the time to truly understand clients’ needs–and get to know candidates in-depth to ensure maximum fit. Our collaborative approach improves results (and reduces wasted resources or disappointment).

Our Operating Principles

This is a people business–and without great relationships we won’t succeed. Everyday, we work to live the following convictions:

Clients are the life force of our business.

We strive to be both professional and relatable. Our friendliness creates rapport–an essential ingredient to success.

Humility and respect mark every candidate interaction.

This is true whether we deliver good or bad news, and is key to transparency and ongoing partnership. We remember the candidates we place today may become our clients tomorrow.

Colleagues – Without good people, there is no Azrek Global.

We operate in a strictly no-office-politics meritocracy– all colleagues are equally important, regardless of job title. Good business is a team game, not an individual sport. 

What does “Azrek” mean?

Azrek is the name of one of first Arab thoroughbred stallions imported to the UK in the late 19th century. Today, many of the top racing stock are descendents of this horse. The Middle East and UK connection is meaningful to us; it captures our commitment to pan-regional opportunities and relationships. The racing connotation also reminds us of the power of partnership. To be successful, rider and horse must collaborate and respect and rely on one another’s strengths. We view our professional relationships the same way.


Azrek Global Leadership


Ian Jones | Head Recruiter

Ian is a seasoned Recruitment professional with over 25 years of experience. He started his career in London–working as a Director with global recruitment consultancies including Morgan McKinley. Thereafter, he moved to the Middle East and established and managed his own recruitment company. For the past sixteen years, he has partnered with some of the world’s most prominent government and private institutions in Financial Services, Professional services, Technology, Property Development, and Education and Healthcare. That business has now become Azrek Global. 

Outside of work, Ian is a sports enthusiast. Although his love of rugby is now strictly from the sofa, he remains an active triathlete and general sports fan.


Rory Adamson | Managing Partner

Rory is an EMEA principle leader and client partner within Azrek Global. Previously Rory was a partner and founder of BDO in Bahrain and an HR consultancy company based in the Middle East. As well, he held senior leadership roles at PwC,  Lloyds Banking Group, and ED & F Man. In addition to his work with Azrek Global, Rory leads EMEA operations for Blueback Global.

Out of the office, Rory is often found treading the stage as a talented amateur actor or pounding dough – he’s also a keen bread baker.

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