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“We understand that in an ever increasingly competitive marketplace, certain skilled vacancies simply could not be filled.. Until now! – At Azrek Global, we deploy global solutions to local problems. We let our real time results do the talking and show you why, with Azrek on your side, you gain a global reach without needing the associated resources that scare employers. In fact, you’ll be surprised to see that in most cases, you are already paying more for a temporary solution!”

Ian Jones – CEO Azrek Global – 2022

A brief introduction

Our unique hybrid recruitment model was founded and set up by two experienced professionals. One has 30 years’ experience in global recruitment of highly skilled specialist workforces and the other with similar experience operating several companies. Aside from having extensive and varied legal experience, he has proven expertise in UK immigration.

Over the last decade we have seen the market for skilled workers tighten for UK industry and businesses. These companies have already struggled to find skilled or trained staff to fill vacancies in the UK. Britain’s exit from the EU and the Covid pandemic exacerbated this problem and created an even more pressing need in the UK market.

Over the years we have assisted hundreds of companies desperate for help, which led us to an obvious yet niche solution.

We have developed a one-stop solution that provides an end-to-end solution for UK businesses and industry since traditional UK recruitment companies and agencies do not have the patience, cashflow, or appetite to get involved in overseas recruitment.

Our model

As a “one-stop” immigration and recruitment agency, we provide highly skilled and experienced migrant workers.

We offer a hybrid, tailored recruitment model: namely, finding, acquiring, and placing permanent employees who meet UKVI’s immigration criteria and requirements anywhere in the world. In this area of overseas recruitment and delivery, not just in theory, but also in actual practice, we have an unparalleled understanding.

Through our partnership with you, we will provide you with valuable, meaningful, productive, and seamless service. This will allow your resources to focus on their primary roles and objectives while we handle tasks that are beyond their scope.


We understand and know how to find quality candidates from all over the world, via our own Global talent pools and active bespoke campaigns.

We offer you a highly skilled and qualified pool of candidates from all around the world.

Current live campaigns for various industry sectors are in:

Qatar, UAE, South Africa, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Central Africa, Morocco and Central and Eastern Europe.


We will screen all candidates to ensure they are suitable in terms of relevant qualifications and accreditations, skills, experience as well as being affordable, available, and committed. After our initial screening, you will be responsible for deciding which candidates you wish to invite for an interview.


We will assist with the negotiation process to ensure both parties are comfortable and agreeable with the compensation package.

We are confident we can deliver exceptional talent and experience that will meet your criteria, salaries, and budgets.


Once verbally agreed we will ensure the placement is confirmed via a signed contract.

Language requirements & other immigration related requirements

We will ensure the candidates selected are able to provide a passed IELTS Certificate or have a certified degree by UK ENIC to meet the language requirements set out by UKVI for immigration purposes.

We would also ensure that candidates are fully prepared with all necessary visa requirements and related documentation to be successfully granted a UK skilled worker visa on application.

Immigration support as required

All the immigration applications, processes are taken care by our in-house specialist immigration counsel, for both the employer and the employees ensuring the company is assigning the CoS’s correctly and all selected candidates are arriving to the UK work ready before the anticipated start date.

• We will prepare and submit Initial entry clearance application for the main applicant respectively.
• We will ensure the candidate arrives to the UK “work ready” before the agreed start date.
• we will deal with Initial entry clearance applications for the dependant family members, if required.
• We manage any extension applications for the main applicant after the initial visa term, if required.
• Advise and assist the company (the employer’s) on obtaining licences, certificates of sponsorships, compliance, duties, responsibilities, and other related requirements.

Candidate Support

We believe that candidate welfare is not only moral imperative, but also key to successful international recruitment, to get optimum productivity from the candidates as well as achieving the best retention of employees for your business.

ResourceCentre and Support

We provide you with a dedicated desk that would assist candidates with general landing services, but not limited to flights, search and procurement for accommodation, local councils and authority registrations, schooling for employees that are relocating with their families, bank account opening, national insurance registration and general HMRC advice.


Such is our confidence in the sourcing and supply of quality candidates and in our model, that we offer a full 9 month guarantee on all placements.

We offer a unique and sympathetic payment/retention structure designed to give you absolute peace of mind.


We intricately understand the whole immigration/mobility process from end to end, allowing us to be ahead of the recruitment industry when it comes to sourcing, placing, and delivering top prospects to work in the UK.

We will provide full support during this process arranging interviews via video conferencing and other suitable collaboration platforms.

Our in-house team is made up of fully trained, knowledgeable, experienced specialists to manage and scale according to our clientele demand.

Our Global Operations

We are currently operational in the following territories:

Qatar, UAE, South Africa, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Central Africa, Morocco and Central and Eastern Europe.

Our Track Record

Categorically speaking, this is a successfully tried and tested and a delivered model.

Having the benefit of one of the partners in Azrek Global who has been leading a specialist UK immigration law firm in the capacity of a head of corporate and investment migration and his experience spanning over 15 years, we are exceptionally well versed, resourced, and familiar with all UKVI requirements, processes, and timelines no matter where our candidates are applying from around the world.

We have successfully operated this hybrid recruitment model with our existing clients who are made up of SME’s and corporates for the last 4+ years.

We have already successfully placed hundreds of people into multiple industry sectors applying the same model, putting people into jobs in the UK, saving you time, money, and taking the pressure off your in-house resources.


Our fees and payments can be tailored to meet your budgets and cashflow, this will depend on the overall number and level of the positions.

Our Team

UK-based team of 20+ dedicated individuals.

We have a partnership office in Qatar with three dedicated staff members.

Two dedicated employees work in the UAE partnership office.

India-based research team dedicated to outsourcing.

Advantages of working with us and our unique offering

  • Detailed understanding of the whole immigration/mobility process from end to end
  • Plug and play: we have done this before, and we continue to succeed using this model.
  • We have a total grip and a thorough understanding of this area of overseas selection, recruitment, and immigration from our experience, practices and delivery.
  • The partnership will be seamless since we already run this model.
  • We already have active campaigns for multiple industry sectors in different parts of the world.
  • We have established long-term relationships, affiliations, joint ventures, and strategic partnerships with recruitment specialists in almost all parts of the world.
  • Established and demonstrable track record
  • Unique model: very different to the traditional vanilla recruitment agencies and operators in the UK.

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