Four tips to improve your company’s recruiting outcomes

1. Show talent your company values and cultural influences

In today’s candidate-driven employment market, often times the deciding factor for a prospective employee is cultural fit and value alignment with your company. Demonstrate that your values are more than just a section on your “about us” page by incorporating questions that help inform your candidates of what your company is looking for in terms of cultural fit. How does the prospective employee work with others? What are some words they would use to describe their values? What is a time where they faced a challenge with workplace culture and how did they address it? This line of questioning opens up a path for the candidate to also explore cultural items that are of importance to them and encourages them to ask similar questions when they have the opportunity to ask their own.

2. Find creative ways to increase your reach to new talent pools in your hiring process

Word-of-mouth, social media and job board postings can only go so far to reach top talent. Consider unorthodox means of reaching other talent. Are there any nearby industry conferences? Are there LinkedIn groups where possible candidates may be sharing their skills and findings? The more you can understand where your ideal candidate would be, the more qualified people for your role you can find. Better yet, you stand out to the candidates because they recognize you know who you are looking for by reaching unique places where they work and share their careers with others.

3. Prove your professional successes and industry expertise to candidates

As much as you interview candidates, it is especially important to understand that a candidate is also interviewing you. Find ways to highlight your company’s successes by providing an example of how your teams found success with clients, as well as how their values align with your organization’s. A way to proactively demonstrate your company’s successes is to showcase them via resources on your website and social media platforms. A client interview video can help them understand how your company interacts with customers. A values page clearly states where your company stands on culture and can give them additional indicators of fit. The more transparent you are with your internal workings, the more you stand out to prospective employees (as well as prospective clients).

4. Partner with a global recruitment firm to achieve your hiring goals

Do you have a job or set of jobs you are hoping to hire for, and are you looking to expand your reach to qualified candidates across the globe? Reach out to a recruiting agency. Not only do they have the ability to understand all you have to offer as a company, they also have the network and connections to possible employees you may need. Azrek Global offers assistance to successful companies, and places top talent from around the world. Interested in our help? Contact Azrek Global today or learn more about our recruiting process.