Six ways to stand out to global recruiters

1. Start with your Unique Value Proposition

You have much to offer in terms of experience and skills. A great way to demonstrate that in a condensed form is to create a Unique Value Proposition. What is a Unique Value Proposition? A Unique Value Proposition (UVP), alternatively known as a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), is a short description of what makes you distinct from others in your market. As a possible candidate for a role, you can get ahead by distilling who you are and why you are best fit for a role. Being able to tell your professional story in a concise and rich way demonstrates competence and helps best inform the employer.

In the interview process, you can wow your interviewers by noting recent events and developing trends. Many industries have trade publications, and outlets such as The Economist or The Financial Times allow for a broader overview of our economic situation. By reading up on your prospective employer as well as the industries they touch, you can learn more about the company and the work you may be doing. It helps inform you about the role and environment, but it also helps you show you care about the work.

3. Build a consistent personal brand across your profiles and CV

Consistency is key in the world of professional branding. By telling your story and displaying your USP across different mediums (resume, cover letter, social media profiles like LinkedIn, and personal websites when applicable), you can create a fully polished look recruiters are drawn to. Best of all, when done correctly, it gets capped off by an authentic interview that gives an exclamation point to your application. What is a personal brand? In short, it is your personality, professional USP, and visual preferences combined to most accurately represent yourself. Run through some personal exercises to figure out what colours represent you, what words you would use to describe yourself, and what typefaces might best represent you on a resume. There are plenty of resources to help you begin your personal branding journey, if you’re ready to take it!

4. Create global connections with professional organizations and communities

If you work in a specific field or industry, odds are there’s a professional organization that serves professionals in that space. Those organizations often are a hub for networking, job boards, skills trainings, and more. Joining such an organization shows commitment to your craft and opens up your network globally – many organizations have chapters around the world. Being a member and placing it on your CV allows you to show your involvement in the space, and can possibly create another great resume item if you get involved in leadership within the organization.

5. Showcase your expertise through blog posts and social media interactions

By staying active on social media or posting to your own professional blog, you can maintain a level of credibility that is frequently sought after. It also encourages additional connection to those in your field, to grow and develop your professional connections. Ultimately, your posts and interaction with others can lead to more inbound job opportunities, because your comments and knowledge speaks for itself and serves as a personal marketing “lead magnet” for partnership and employment.

6. Reach out proactively to a global recruiting agency

Do you have a skillset that is in high demand, and are you looking for the next step in your career? Reach out to a recruiting agency. Not only do they have the ability to understand all you have to offer, they also have the network and connections to possible employers you may need. Azrek Global offers assistance to qualified professionals, and places them in roles with top companies around the world. Interested in our help? Contact Azrek Global today or learn more about our candidate process.