What is Offshoring?

Offshoring is finding high quality, lower cost talent through searching markets often outside of your home country. Specialized talent doesn’t just exist in your home country, and offshoring is a way to keep ahead of your competition by accessing talent from across the globe.

Offshoring Benefits

Offshoring has many benefits – first and foremost, by searching new markets for talent, your company can find exactly what you need. You can find work-ready, highly-trained graduates in areas of the world where there is a surplus of people with those skills.

It also benefits the contractor or prospective employee by providing additional job opportunities with the possibility of greater benefits and compensation than their home market.

Expanding talent outside of your home country allows for your company to overcome talent shortages at home and ethically reduce talent surpluses in other markets.

Reasons for Offshoring

If you are trying to get ahead of competition but can’t find people locally to help you do so, use offshoring/global recruiting.

Offshoring has shifted into a new niche given global trends towards work from home. When you have people 50 miles down the road not going to the office, why not have talented people 6000 miles down the road work with you as well?

For high-tech talent, offshoring creates an environment for them to stay in their home country while receiving comparable benefits to the country of the company that is hiring them.

Companies lose out when they are unable to hire globally due to the shift to remote work and the ease of telecommunications. Culture could be perceived as insular, homogeneous if less experience working globally.

How to Begin Offshoring

Engage with a global recruiter. Companies like Azrek Global offer recruiting solutions to access talent from nearly anywhere on earth. Places like Eastern Europe, India, and other emerging economies have a workforce of many talented people. By using recruiter networks, you can tap into other global economies to find your talent. Reach out to Azrek Global today to begin your search.

Work with a company that provides EOR services or can help establish an entity for your company in the specific country – Azrek Global has established partners such as Blueback Global, a company which specializes in establishing people solutions to hire and employ across the world without necessarily having an HR team on the ground in a specific country.

Get started now – contact us to begin your Offshoring journey.